Children's Spirituality and the
Experience of
Children Affected by War 

crosslisted as CT9260C and DS9260C

Dr Denise Goodwin
Not offered in 2019

The unit engages learners in critical study of children’s spirituality and investigates the understandings and issues relating to refugee, war-affected children, and those children not war-affected between the ages of 4 to 16. The “experiential mode” will focus on the work of David Hay and Rebecca Nye, Elaine Champagne and Brendan Hyde among others, and explore spiritual modes of “connectedness” and their relationship to prayer and the presence of altruistic behaviours in children. The nature of war-affected and refugee children’s spirituality will be examined, drawing on accounts of children from war zones and in diaspora. Separate case studies of war-affected children will be identified and guided by analysis of various methodologies. Critique of research methods best suited to the theological task will be examined through the lens of a “mutual critical correlation” method.


BS8600C and CT8605C


intensive mode: 10.00am — 5.00pm


two 1,000-word essays   2 x 25%
one 3,000-word essay   50%


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