Recent Issues in Continental Philosophy


Dr Callan Ledsham
Not Offered in 2020
Friedrich Nietzsche called the foundations of the western intellectual tradition into question. Throughout the twentieth century, philosophers have built on Nietzsche’s discrediting of metaphysical thought, and sought new ways of thinking about truth and reality by engaging with cultural discourses such as aesthetics, politics and ethics. In figures such as Paul Ricoeur, Emmanuel Levinas, and Jean-Luc Marion, this has opened the way to new possibilities for exploring transcendence and thought about God in the twenty-first century. This unit examines areas that may include the foundations of the postmodern in Nietzsche, Lyotard, Foucault and Deleuze; the reworking of the metaphysical tradition by the hermeneutics and aesthetics of Gadamer and Merleau-Ponty; the deconstructive strategies of Heidegger and Derrida; the much-debated contemporary ‘theological turn’ in French phenomenology; and emerging movements such as the speculative realism of Quentin Meillassoux.


  • second level:   36 points of philosophy at first level
  • third level:   36 points of philosophy at second level


face-to-face 3-hour weekly classes in semester


second level
  • two 500-word seminar papers 2 x 15%
  • one 2,000-word essay 50%
  • one 1-hour written examination (1,000 words) 20%
third level
  • two 750-word seminar papers 2 x 15%
  • one 2,500-word essay 50%
  • one 1-hour written examination (1,000 words) 20%


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