In Dialogue with the Catholic Tradition:
Foundational Theology for Teachers (16 points)

GCTRE Foundational unit

Dr Birute Arendarcikas RSM (coordinator)
Online Mode, 2020
Synchronous and Asynchronous
Synchronous: Four Saturdays
10.00am – 12.50pm
Asynchronous: via ARK
In this unit students study key theological themes in dialogue with the Catholic faith tradition. The content requires engaging with the question of God and religion(s), the person and ministry of Jesus Christ, and the mission of the Church as the community of Jesus’ disciples. The methodology provides students with an opportunity to develop their knowledge and understanding of the complexity of the Catholic theological tradition and to do this in the context of a religiously diverse world.

Census Date

Tuesday 1 September 



Semester 2, 2020: Online Mode: synchronous and asynchronous

Synchronous Learning: Required participation in 4 sessions via Zoom according to the following timetable. 
Saturday 1 August:
10.00am – 12.50pm                               
Saturday 29 August:
10.00am – 12.50pm              
Saturday 12 September:
10.00am – 12.50pm      
Saturday 10 October:
10.00am – 12.50pm      
Asynchronous Learning: Further activities will be provided via ARK.


  • two 1,000-word document studies   2 x 25%
  • one 2,000-word essay 50%


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