Study Tours
CTC offers a study tour each year, which is open to audit students as well as students enrolled in academic programmes.

Study Tour of the Biblical Lands

Next tour 2022, sadly our 2020 tour has been cancelled in these uncertain times of the coronavirus.
This tour journeys to both Old and New Testament sites, linking the biblical text to the historical and archaeological context. The itinerary varies from one tour to the next. Read more...

"Footsteps of Faith": Encountering the Christian Tradition

2021: Dates to be advised
Whether you join this Tour as Student or a Pilgrim, the experience will provide all participants with an opportunity to meet holy men and women who have enriched the Catholic tradition over the centuries; experience examples of the art, architecture and music that helped shape the cultural ethos of modern Catholicism; learn about the realities and consequences of the Reformation that have shaped our religious experience and so catch glimpses of the story of the Church in particularly as it has developed in Ireland, England, and Italy with the influences of these countries on Australian Catholics. As we do all this we will visit places of great beauty which have been the scenes of events shaping Catholic culture. There will be time for study, reflection and prayer with the possibility of celebrating Mass in many of the places we visit. Read more...