Student Forms are available through the following:


  • 2020 Lecturer's Extension Application
  • 2020 Dean's Extension Application 
  • 2020 Special Grading Consideration
  • 2020 Student Application for Support Form
  • 2020 Supervised Reading Unit Form
  • 2020 Minor Thesis Form
  • 2020 Photo Permission Form
  • Personal Details Amendment Form (e.g. name, address, email)
  • Ark

    Log onto ARK, go to Student Resources then click on Academic Information and Forms 

    Academic Records Office

    Student Common Room


    • Carpark Application Form

    Further Information


  • Undergraduate: Dr Rosemary Canavan, Academic Dean
  • Postgraduate: Rev. Dr Phillip Gleeson SDB, Acting Postgraduate Coordinator
  • GCTRE: Dr Frances Baker RSM, GCTRE Coordinator
  • Higher Degrees by Research: Rev. Dr Max Vodola, Acting Research Coordinator
  • Assistant Dean: Mr John Bartholomeusz