Special Grading Consideration
In the even of circumstances impacting a student’s ability to complete assessments or related learning tasks the student may be given Special Grading Consideration. The student, Academic Dean, Postgraduate Coordinator, or the lecturer can raise an application.

Special Grading Consideration may be given when:
  1. Student work has been impacted by unforeseen circumstances; and
  2. Suitable evidence, such as a medical certificate, is provided.
Special Grading Consideration:
  1. Must be applied for in writing on the Special Grading Consideration Form by either a student, a lecturer/unit coordinator, or an Academic Dean/Postgraduate Coordinator;
  2. May only be granted by the Academic Dean/Postgraduate Coordinator (and if the unit is not at the student’s home College, with permission of the Academic Dean of the student’s home College);
  3. Must be based on suitable evidence, such as a medical certificate;
  4. if granted, must specify details such as changed due date, type or circumstances (including for invigilated examinations the new conditions, place and time) of the assessment.
At CTC, a copy of the outcome of the Special Grading Consideration Application must be given to the student. A report, new due date or other assessment arrangement must be given to the lecturer or unit coordinator. The student name, unit code and new due date are to be advised to the first and/or second examiner as appropriate, and to the Assistant Dean.

Special Grading Consideration may include but is not limited to:
  1. Allowance of additional time for an assessment task
  2. Changed circumstances to undertake assessment
  3. Change of type of assessment
  4. Extensions beyond that which is permitted under other forms of extension.

University of Divinity Policy

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