Enrolment Information

Change to Enrolment

  • Students may change their enrolment by either sending an email (with the changes required) or making an appointment with their Course Advisor.
  • Enrolment in a coursework unit after the first week of lectures is at the discretion of their Course Advisor, and in consultation with the lecturer.
  • If their Course Advisor is unavailable contact the Assistant Dean for more information.
  • Census Dates may impact your change to enrolment. 

Course Transfer

Students may transfer from one course to another if:
  • They meet the requirements for admission into the new course; and
  • They have not graduated from the old course; and
  • The Academic Dean or Postgraduate Coordinator approves the course transfer.
A student may apply for a course transfer at any time, but the course transfer can only be completed when results for all units of study in the current course have been finalised.

Course Variation and Course Extension

  • In exceptional circumstances students may apply for a course variation or extension to the duration of their award.
  • This application must be made in advance of the end of time allowed for the award and requires a submission to the University Academic Board.
  • Students requiring such a change to their course should consult their Course Advisor.

Credit for Prior Studies

  • Credit may be granted for successful completion of equivalent units at another tertiary institution.
  • Original transcripts of previous tertiary studies need to be presented at enrolment.
  • Contact the Assistant Dean for more information.

Leave of Absence

  • There are times when students will require a leave of absence from study for a number of reasons.
  • A student is allowed a maximum of one year (two semesters) of leave of absence from the course of study for each award. 
  • All students wishing to apply for a leave of absence should contact their Course Advisor. 
  • Leave of Absence is also available to students on a student visa and these students MUST discuss with their Course Advisor as soon as possible, as leave will have impact on their visa. 
  • When HDR Students in receipt of a Research Fee Scholarship or Research Stipend Scholarship are granted Leave of Absence, all scholarship payments are suspended for the duration of the period of leave granted/taken.
  • Special Circumstances
    • In addition to a general leave of absence there are three specific occasions when students (excluding students on a Student Visa) can apply for leave (conditions apply): 
      • Parental Leave (maximum of twelve months)
      • Jury Leave (maximum of twelve weeks)
      • Emergency Services Leave (maximum of four weeks)

Withdrawal from Units

  • Students may withdraw from units by either sending an email (with the changes required) or making an appointment with their Course Advisor.
  • Those who do not formally withdraw may incur a fail on their record.
  • Withdrawal from a unit before the applicable census date will not be recorded on a transcript. The unit fee will be refunded.
  • Withdrawal after the applicable census date will be recorded as such, provided the formal process of withdrawal has been completed. 

Further Information