Payment Options
The University of Divinity Council sets tuition fees and fees for other services annually. The tuition fee for a unit must be paid in full prior to the commencement of a unit. Fees are paid directly to the University of Divinity at the time of admission or re-enrolment. Domestic students may pay their fees by any one of the following methods:


Australian citizens and holders of a permanent humanitarian visa may defer their payment of fees through the FEE-HELP loan scheme. 

Note: Not available to audit students.

Cheque/Money Order  

Please attach a cheque or money order payable to the ‘University of Divinity’ to the admission form, re-enrolment form, or enrolment amendment form as appropriate. 

Credit Card 

Fees may be made payable by Visa or Mastercard. No extra charge applies. 

Please provide credit card details and authorisation on the admission form, re-enrolment form, or the enrolment amendment form.
Students may specify the date when payment is to be processed, provided the date is prior to the commencement of units.
If a payment is declined, students will be contacted. 


Please indicate if you wish to pay by BPAY on your admission form, re-enrolment form, or the unit of study amendment form as appropriate.
Your College will then provide you with a Statement of Fees. 
This Statement of Fees includes the University of Divinity BPAY Biller Code and a unique reference number.
Students must ensure they have completed the BPAY transaction prior to the commencement of units.

Note: Not available to audit students.  

Third Party Payment  

Students whose fees are paid by a third party, such as a sponsor, church, or employer, must provide an official record from the third party such as a letter accepting responsibility for payment of the fees. 

The third party will be invoiced directly by the OVC

Research Fee Scholarship 

Student Tuition fees for doctoral students who have been awarded a Research Fee Scholarship will be met by Research Training Program funds. 

Further Information