2019 Census Dates

The census date is the final day on which students can withdraw from a unit and receive a refund of tuition fees, and have the unit removed from their academic transcripts. Students who withdraw from a unit after the census date for that unit will not receive a refund of fees and will have the unit recorded on their academic transcript. The census dates for standard 12-week semester-length units are listed in the key dates for the academic year. Every unit is assigned a census date.

Semester One units Tuesday 19 March
Semester Two units  Tuesday 20 August
Clinical Pastoral Education Units
DP9100S and DP9273S  According to the CPE Unit Schedule
Winter Intensives 
Winter Intensives   Monday 29 July
Graduate Certificate in Ageing 
DT9631C crosslisted as DP9631C/DS9631C  Friday 29 March
DT9633C crosslisted as DP9633C/DS9633C 
Friday 30 August
Graduate Certificate in Guiding Meditation 
DS9620C  Friday 29 March
Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education (Craigieburn) 
BS8600C  Tuesday 19 March
CT8605C and DR8600C   Friday 30 August
Graduate Certificate in Teaching Religious Education (Werribee) 
BS8600C and CT9606C   Friday 29 March
CT8605C and DR8600C   Friday 30 August
Master of Education and Theology 
CT9011C crosslisted as DR9011C  Friday 29 March
DR9663Y  Tuesday 19 March
CT9013C  Friday 13 September
BS9662Y  Friday 6 September
Study Tour of the Biblical Lands 
BA2704C/3704C/9704C  Tuesday 19 March
Footsteps of Faith: Encountering The Christian Tradition
crosslisted as DS2708C/3708C/9708C 
Friday 15 November
crosslisted as DS2709C/3709C/9709C  

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