Student Support Services

Taking care of your physical and mental health will help you to achieve academic success, make the most of your learning opportunities and enjoy a positive student experience.
If you are struggling with a personal, physical, emotional or mental health issue, we recommend seeking professional support from a healthcare provider. If you would like to speak with someone at your home college, you can find contact details here.
This page is intended as a guide to enable members of the University to locate professional local and online healthcare and counselling services, in Australia. The organisations and resources listed on this page are not endorsed or recommended by the University. Always consult a health care professional for advice.
University of Divinity Student Support Services Policy

Academic Support Services
Libraries  Study Skills
Student Mentoring 
Health and Wellbeing 
Emergency Hospitals Doctors
Fire, Police, Ambulance
Dial 000
41 Victoria Parade
(03) 9231 2211 
113 Albert Street
East Melbourne
(03) 9418 8162
Legal Aid
First Aid
1300 792 387
Not Applicable
Contact Reception for assistance:
(03) 9412 3333 or extension 333
Counselling Services 
Healthcare Services

Further Information