Inclusion Policy
As a college community shaped by the Gospel, we are called to an understanding of the human person which recognises that while each of us is unique, we share the equal dignity of being created in the image and likeness of God. We recognise each other as such and take this seriously in our relationships with each other. This reality brings with it important responsibilities for all of us.
The UDiv Mission Statement calls us to live in unity with diversity. Human rights, social justice, the embrace of diversity and support for vulnerable groups in the community are part of the University’s ethos. The University has established an Inclusion Policy that reflects the rights and responsibilities of all members – academic staff, those in administration and students.
The most important precept of this policy is that “all members of the University are entitled to be treated fairly in all academic and administrative matters” (Clause 2, Statement of Rights, Responsibility and Conduct of members of the University).
Included in the policy is a form for Student Application for Support. Students who believe they may benefit from additional support based on a specific need or condition should meet with the Academic Dean or Postgraduate Coordinator, or Research Coordinator, who can guide the student in completing and lodging this form. A possible outcome of this is a specially prepared Student Support Plan that can be brought to the attention of the student’s lecturers.

Further Information