Rev. Anthony Dean CM

Department of Biblical Studies
Department of Pastoral and General Studies

Rev. Anthony (Tony) Dean CM is a lecturer at Catholic Theological College and is a member of the Department of Biblical Studies and lectures in Hebrew and the Old Testament. He is a priest of the Congregation of the Mission (known as the Vincentians).

The undergraduate units he teaches include:
The postgraduate units he teaches include:

He is one of the tour leaders for the Study Tour of the Biblical Lands

He holds a Licentiate in Sacred Scripture from the Pontifical Biblical Institute (Rome), incorporating studies at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem.

He has lectured in Biblical Studies at St Francis Xavier Seminary within the Adelaide College of Divinity (1980-87), and was Lecturer in Biblical Studies at United Theological Institute within the Sydney College of Divinity (1990-95). In 2008, with Dr Rod Doyle he conducted a study tour of the biblical lands. From 2012, with Dr Rosemary Canavan, he conducts study tours of the biblical lands.

His current academic interests are the Psalms, the early religion of Israel, and pre-Israelite and early Israelite theology. He published “… Nos autem in Nomine Domini …?” in Oceania Vincentian (2004).

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