Rev. Dr Kris Sonek OP
BSS (PBC) STM (PAT, Krakow) GCHE (ACU) STL (K.U. Lublin)
LSS (PBC) DPhil (Oxon)  
Senior Lecturer
Head, Department of Biblical Studies
Rev. Dr Kris Sonek OP is a lecturer at Catholic Theological College and Head of the Department of Biblical Studies. He lectures on the Pentateuch, Classical Hebrew, and Scripture. He is chaplain of St Christopher's German Catholic Centre in Camberwell.

The undergraduate units he teaches include:
The Postgraduate units he teaches include:
He has taught units in Scripture, Hebrew, and Biblical Interpretation at a number of institutions, including Ecole Biblique in Jerusalem, Israel; Oxford University, UK; Holy Trinity College, Tafara, Zimbabwe; Dominican Theological College, Krakow, Poland; and Blackfriars Studium, Oxford, UK.
His current academic interests are in the reception of the Abraham narratives in Jewish and Christian commentaries in Late Antiquity. More specifically, he is looking at the reception history of the Abraham narratives in Genesis Rabbah and in the works of John Chrysostom. He intends to show that the  reception history of Genesis 12-25 becomes a window into past cultures and societies and that it helps understand the parting of the ways between Judaism and Christianity.
His recent publications include: "The Abraham Narratives in Genesis 12-25." Currents in Biblical Research 18 (2019). "Wrangling with Abraham: An Evaluation of Recent Studies on Genesis 12-25." Australian Biblical Review 67 (2019), 17-29. "The Stars in Genesis 15:5 in Rabbinic and Patristic Exegesis: Similar Concerns, Divergent Interpretations." Pages 207-24 in To Gaul, to Greece, and Into Noah's Ark: Essays in Honour of Kevin J. Cathcart. Edited by Laura E. Quick, Ekaterina E. Kozlova, Sonia Noll, and Philip Y. Yoo. Journal of Semitic Studies Supplement 44. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2019. 
He has had papers presented at the OT Seminar, Oxford University, 2013; at the SOTS Meeting, University of Cambridge, 2015; the SBL Meeting, Atlanta, 2015, and the SBL Meeting, Denver, 2018.