Dr Rina Madden
DipT (ACU) BEd (VU) BTheol (MCD) MTS (MCD) PhD (ACU)
Departments of Systematic Theology
and Pastoral and General Studies
Dr Rina Madden is a member of the Department of Systematic Theology and lectures on Catholic Dialogue School Today, "Doing Theology, Engaging with the Catholic Theological Tradition" and is the Project Officer for the Recontextualising Pedagogy Project.
The postgraduate units she teaches include:
Her current academic interests are: Children's and teacher spirituality, The spirituality of teaching and learning, Religious Education and Pedagogy in Catholic Schools and Catholic Identity.
Her recent publications are: Pacifica, October 2017: "Spiritual Development and Religious Educations: Reflecting on teacher practice.", CTC Position Paper: "Recontextualising Pedagogy" June 2017, Co-authored with Kevin Lenehan, "The Practice room: teachers in professional dialogue" in Quality Learning: Teachers Reflecting on Practice, eds Prof. John Loughran and Dr Kathy Smith, Sense Publishing: March 2017, "Religious Education in Melbourne" in Religious Education in Australian Catholic Schools, eds Richard Rymarz and Dr Angelo Belmonte, Vaughan: July 2017 and "Pedagogy of Encounter in the Classroom" in From Theory to Practice, eds Paul Sharkey and Richard Rymarz, Vaughan: September 2019.