Biblical Studies
The discipline of biblical studies is concerned with the Old and New Testaments as the inspired and normative foundation of the Christian faith. The Bible contains the story of divine revelation in human history. It has also profoundly influenced our culture throughout the ages.
When you study biblical texts at CTC, you will examine the meaning and theology of the Bible from a variety of perspectives. You will discover the biblical message in its original historical context, and you will reflect on its significance for modern theology and culture.
CTC offers two kinds of biblical units. Foundational units introduces students to the world of the Bible and to modern biblical interpretation. The foundational units are supplemented by more advanced studies of the literature of both Testaments. You can study the prophetic books or the Gospels as well as other types of biblical literature towards awards or for personal development.
As a key foundation of theology, the biblical studies programme at CTC enables students to become better equipped at understanding the role of the  Bible in every area of theological study.

Rev. Dr Kris Sonek OP, Head of Department