Moral Theology
Moral Theology is the area of theology that explores questions about the implications of Christian faith for our lives. It has been claimed that if theology is ‘faith seeking understanding’, then Moral Theology is ‘faith seeking understanding as a way of life’.
To this end the sources of Moral Theology include theological studies in fields such as Sacred Scripture, Christology, Theological Anthropology, Ecclesiology, and the resources of Philosophy.
Fundamentally this discipline is concerned with Christian life: ‘our vocation in Christ and our obligation to bring forth fruit in charity for the life of the world’ (Optatam Totius 16). As such it offers students an opportunity to reflect critically on the challenges and obligations of Christian faith in the context of life and ministry.
Specific areas studied explored include:
  • Moral Conscience and its formation
  • Marriage, Family and Human Sexuality
  • The Social Teaching of the Church and its implications for our lives as Christians
  • Bioethics and Healthcare in the context of the Christian Tradition 



Rev. Dr Cameron Forbes, Head of Department