Enrichment Opportunities for Priests
Catholic Theological College offers courses suitable for priests who are interested in seeking enrichment or sabbatical leave. This could be taken through a variety of options, including coursework or individual lectures.

Individual Lectures

Each semester, a smorgasbord of individual lectures is offered for audit. These sessions could cover areas such as biblical studies, Church history, pastoral care, Christian spirituality, philosophy, moral theology, or systematic theology. These are suitable as ‘one off’ sessions. There are no assessment tasks required, however class reading resources can be made available. A nominal fee is charged per lecture attended and a statement of attendance is provided.

Units for Audit

For those who wish to attend a complete unit but not complete assessment tasks, most of our units can be undertaken by audit. This involves enrolment in 12 week units or intensive units). These are suitable for ongoing personal and professional learning. There are no assessment tasks required, however access is provided to class reading and online resources, as well as Library privileges. A fee is charged for the unit and a statement of completion is provided.

Study Tours

CTC offers a study tour each year, which is open to audit students as well as students enrolled in academic programmes. 

Postgraduate Courses

The wide range of postgraduate studies available at CTC makes further study in theology and philosophy accessible to students, including:

Higher Degrees by Research

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