Navigating Ageing Project
Preparing for the Journey Ahead 
A program to help people navigate the new and emerging landscape of ageing.
The Project will quip people with the tools they need to help them to understand and deal with the experience and ever-evolving concepts of ageing, including uncovering meaning and dispelling the many myths and mysteries that surround growing older.
The Project will offer an informed, alternative view of ageing. It will aim to answer many of the critical questions people have as they approach this important stage in their life.
The Projects has a number of components:
  • Community-based Seminars
  • University Courses
  • Publications and Resources
  • Collaborative Research
For more information, please contact:
Rev. Dr Laurence McNamara CM
Phone: (03) 9412 3331
Rev. Dr Laurence McNamara CM
MLitt (Oxon) STL (Greg)
PhD (Adel)
DipEd (Melb) DipMin (MCD)
BA(Hons) (Leeds)
BD (MCD) MSocSc (ACU) PhD (ACU) 
BA (Deakin) GDE (Ballarat) MEd (Deakin)