Graduate Certificate in Liturgy
The Graduate Certificate in Liturgy (GCLit) provides students the opportunity to develop theological and liturgical skills and knowledge for liturgical preparation in parishes and liturgical celebrations.

Course Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Liturgy:

  1. have an overview of the historical development of liturgy and the knowledge of sources, term and principles for liturgical engagement
  2. have basic skills to analyse liturgical documents
  3. apply skills of interpretation to church documents on liturgy in light of implications and applications to historical and contemporary issues in liturgical practice
  4. apply and articulate relevant theological and liturgical skills in parishes and liturgical celebrations. 

Admission Criteria

Successful completion of an undergraduate degree, or an approved equivalent.

Course Structure

The Graduate Certificate in Liturgy consists of 72 points at Levels 8 or 9 in Liturgy.

Normal Duration

1 semester – 3 semesters

Study Pathways

Graduates have access to a range of postgraduate courses at Graduate Diploma and Masters levels

Further Information

2020 Graduate Certificate in Liturgy Flyer (pdf) details to come