Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology
The Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology (GCRM) equips students to apply sophisticated research skills to complex issues such as the development of a research proposal, gathering of and conceptual processing of research material, and the presentation of a research artefact, such as a dissertation.

Course Learning Outcomes

Graduates of the Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology:
  1. have a working knowledge of terms, assumptions and approaches to research that are current in selected theological disciplines
  2. have familiarity with research methods, protocols, practices and ethics
  3. apply focussed research methods towards complex research issues
  4. apply writing and communication skills to the presentation of research results. 

Admission Criteria

Successful completion of an undergraduate degree in theology, or an approved equivalent

Course Structure

The Graduate Certificate in Research Methodology consists of 72 points, comprised of

Normal Duration

1 semester — 3 semesters

Study Pathways

Graduates who meet the other requirements for higher degrees by research may be eligible for admission to:


Rev. Dr Phillip Gleeson SDB, Acting Postgraduate Coordinator