Information for Higher Degrees by Research candidates

Current HDR Students

If you are a current research student, you must ensure that you are familiar with the policies and regulations governing your degree program, including the various requirements at different stages of your candidature. You should also be familiar with the research training opportunities that are available to you. For more information, contact the Research Coordinator.

Overseas Students

Commonwealth law requires that each overseas student on a visa must have a valid visa, must study full-time, and must have adequate Australian health cover and English language skills. Prospective research students should consult the University of Divinity’s website for current information about costs, visa requirements and admission dates. For more information, see the Overseas Students section.

Confirmation of Candidature

Every candidate must apply for confirmation of candidature, as determined by the Academic Board. For doctoral degrees, this will be prior to completion of twelve months of full-time study or part-time equivalent from the date of admission; for master’s degrees this will be prior to six months of full-time study or part-time equivalent from the date of admission. Failure to complete the requirements for confirmation of candidature satisfactorily within the prescribed time constitutes unsatisfactory progress.

Human Research Ethics Committee

Once candidature is confirmed, if the research project involves human subjects, the candidate must apply to the University’s Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) for ethical clearance of the confirmed project. No research involving human subjects, or using records not in the public domain, may commence or proceed without written ethical clearance from HREC. Further information.

Admission Requirements

Prospective research students can make contact with the Research Coordinator at any time to discuss their proposed research area, possible supervisors, resources required for the research, and application procedures. Students complete the Domestic or Overseas HDR student application in conjunction with the supervisors and the Research Coordinator who lodges the application with the Office of Research by the appropriate admission date. The application is considered by the Research Committee.

Doctoral Upgrade

A candidate for a Masters [by Research] degree at the University of Divinity may apply for admission to a Doctorate after successful completion of Confirmation of Candidature.

Annual Report

As a marker of course progress, HDR candidates must submit an Annual Report Form, completed jointly with the Principal Supervisor, and endorsed by the Research Coordinator. The Annual Report Form, with the necessary approvals, is to be submitted to the Office of Research by 15 November.

Study Carrels

A number of lockable study carrels are available in the Mannix Library for use by research students. Allocations are made at the beginning of each year. Applications should be made to the Deputy Master by the end of November.

Further Information