Research Process

Application and Admission

  • Contact Research Coordinator
  • Contact supervisors
  • Complete and submit Admission Form with appropriate documentation to the Research Coordinator
  • Application considered by University of Divinity Research Committee
  • University of Divinity sends student Letter of Offer/Enrolment Summary (if approved)

Confirmation of Candidature

  • Complete and submit Panel Request Form and accompanying documents to the Research Coordinator
  • Confirmation Panel meets with student and supervisors:
    Confirmation of Candidature / Upgrade of Candidature
  • Submission of Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC) Application Form (if required)


  • Regular contact with supervisors
  • Submit Annual Report Form by 15 November each year (Sections A, B, C)
  • Where applicable submit Change of Candidature Form
  • Where applicable submit Annual HREC Progress Report or HREC final report
  • Participation in approved research seminars/conferences
  • Doctoral Students: A short presentation at a research seminar prior to submission of thesis


  • Three months prior to thesis submission, submit the following form:
    • Intention to Submit and Nomination of Examiners Form
  • Submit:
    • Thesis Certification and Submission Form
    • Thesis: one digital and two identical paper copies for examination
  • Examination period
    • Thesis sent to examiners, who report within three months
    • Candidate responds to examiners’ recommendations (if required)
    • University of Divinity Research Committee informs candidate and supervisors in writing of examination outcome

Thesis Lodgement

  • Candidate provides the following:
    • at least one permanent bound copy and 1 digital copy of completed thesis
    • 50-word abstract for conferral ceremony, 150-word abstract for repository, with up to a dozen keywords
    • Thesis Confidentiality and Repository Upload Form

Conferral of Degree

For more information see our Graduation page.
All forms are available from the University of Divinity website

Further Information