Rev. Dr Dinh Anh Nhue Nguyen OFM Conv
MSc (TSTU) STB (Seraph) STL (Greg) STD (Greg)    

Honorary Research Associate

Rev. Dr Dinh Anh Nhue Nguyen OFM Conv. is President of the Pontifical Theological Faculty St Bonaventure, Rome (Seraphicum). He has lectured in Introduction to the New Testament, The Book of Revelation, and The Letter to the Hebrews. He is a priest of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual.

He holds a Master of Science in Engineering from Tula State Technical University (Russia), a Bachelor of Theology from the Pontifical Faculty of St Bonaventure (Rome), a Licentiate in Biblical Theology and a Doctorate in Biblical Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University (Rome). He was awarded the 2006 Bellarmine Prize for his doctoral dissertation at the Gregorian University. He is Dean of the Pontifical Theological Faculty of St Bonaventure, where he teaches courses in Biblical Wisdom Literature, the Historical Books, Jesus the Sage, and New Testament Christology. He also lectures at the Gregorian University.

His current academic interests are biblical meshalim, biblical wisdom literature, the Jewish wisdom tradition, Jesus the Sage, and biblical inculturation in Asia.

His publications include:  nguoi Cha va Me trong doi Chua Giesu: Dich thuat, phan tick va suy niem cac doan Tin Mung [Fathers and Mothers in the life of Jesus: Vietnamese Translation, Exegesis and Mediatation on Gospel Passaged] (Ho Chi Minh City; NXB Ton Giao, 2011); "IFiglio mio, se il tuo cuore e saggio". Studio esegetico-teologico del discorso paterno in Pro 23, 21-28 ["My son, if Your Heart is Wise"; An Exegetical-Theological Study on the Parental Discourse in Proverbs 23:15-28] (Rome: GB Press, 2006).
He received the Carlo Maria Martini International Award 2013 (Category of Bible and Culture) for his research The Bible and Asian Culture: Reading the Word of God in Its Cultural Background and in the Vietnamese Context (written with Tran Thi Ly and Jb Pham Quy Trong) (Rome: Gregorian & Biblical Press, 2016). His latest publication is: Gesù il saggio di Dio e la Sapienza di Dio: Indagine biblicoteologica introduttiva per ripensare la cristologia sapienziale nei vangeli sinottici [Jesus the Sage of God and Divine Wisdom: An Introductory Biblical-theological Inquiry to Rethink the Wisdom Christology in the Synoptic Gospels] (Rome: Casa Editrice Miscellanea Francescana, 2017).